I got into it after a frustrating search...

... for help with my own finances. I wanted to know and understand my options. I knew I needed some things but I didn't want to feel like I got sold. No one leaves my office feeling pushed!

It's a collaboration of equals here. If you partner with outside experts in your business, you'll easily understand how the relationship works. You bring knowledge about your own life and what's important to you, and I add up-to-the-minute tools and the strategies.

Among the many organzations in the financial services field, I chose to join the New York Life team so I could add value no matter season. NYL and its affiliates serves people during their working lives and through retirement, through life's highs and its lows, in economies weak and strong.  New York Life's leadership and experience in the ins and outs - the stages of life when we're gathering and growing wealth and the phases where we're spending it -means I will always have an appropriate tool for the job my clients need me to do.    

I have two advanced professional designations from The American College of Financial Services: Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®.)  I am licensed to deal with your issues related to life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, mutual funds* and retirement plans.

My office in near northwest San Antonio, not far from the Medical Center, is quiet and discreet. My favorite comment from a client: "Coming to your office is better than therapy. It's the only time all year when there's a whole meeting about ME."

Bees are linked to all sorts of symbolism, from prosperity to hope to protection from enemies. I considered using the bee as a deep and meaningful methaphor, but basically a bee's job is pretty straightforward. It pollinates. It makes it possible for other things to grow. Seemed fitting. And it's in the name: EE-bee.

*Securities offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC member FINRA/SIPC.

Califotnia license 4189414