The smart choices are the ones that work for you.  

Term Life Insurance.  Meet your defined-duration needs with term life structured to cover the exact period that makes sense for you.  Maybe cover yourself until the kids graduate, the house is paid off, or you retire. 

Permanent Life Insurance.  Keep long-term promises, reach retirement goals, and plan your estate, perhaps. Cash values can grow tax-deferred. You can reduce the policy's cash value and death benefit to access cash values through withdrawals and policy loans which accrue interest.   

Long-Term care Insurance.  Make long-term care decisions now that give you choices later.  Minimal coverage or unlimited, LTCi has more options than ever.  We'll help you find your best premium/benefit mix. 

Retirement Income Annuities.  With a lump sum, period payments, or even a retirement rollover, you can have a stream of income for lifeFeatures and options can make an annuity work for you and your beneficiaries.  

Variable Annuities1.  For your life or for your heirs, we can customize an annuity whose separate accounts have market exposureInvestment annuities can make sense as part of an overall retirement strategy.

Mutual Funds and Brokerage Services1.  We're your local door to the world of investments as a branch office of NYLIFE Securities. We set up and maintain accounts for regular investing, college savings, inheritences, legal settlements and all sort of special purposes. 

Other products2.  We maintain relationships with other carriers to be able to offer disabilty, business overhead and other types of insurance.1 Chances are that we can help with your other personal and business insurance needs.   

1Securities offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC, member FINRA/SIPC

2Products available throuugh one or more carriers not affiliated with New York LIfe: dependent on carrier authorization and product.  

Eby Financial is not owned or operated by New York LIfe  Insurance Company or its affilates, however any individuals listed are licensed agents with New York Life Insurance Company.