Knowledge, options and right-sizing

At Eby Financial, we use a simple but powerful exercise to divide financial matters into three categories: things you want more of, things you need less of, and things where just enough is just right.

More: More happens when your money works for you. You might get more of what you want by choosing products with flexibility or guarantees. More can happen just by being vigilant and making well-timed moves. We can help with recommendations built for the long term.

Less: Less is best for penalties, taxes and hassles. Less taxes might happen when you tax-diversify your retirement. Less worry can result from taking advantage of laws that protect some assets from lawsuits and creditors. We're small and local on purpose, so we can help you have fewer delays, fewer headaches and fewer surprises.

Just enough: Just enough is just right for risk management. When you protect the important stuff, you're doing the right stuff. Overspending on insurance takes money from the thing you want today, but underspending jeopardizes tomorrow. We can help you consider things like risk of running out of money, risk of leaving your family too young, and risk of failing to plan. 


So how do we get paid?

I'm proud to say that I work on commission. Those who work in this capacity don't charge by the hour, and can be successful without focusing only on clients with very large investment acounts. This isn't a better or wose way, but simply one option among valid alternatives.

There's only a cost if we do something. I'm fully prepared for us to talk and find out that you're already doing all the right things. There's no cost for a review and a second opinion. 

I'd suggest that you ignore advice that says there's one best type of advisor. There are smart, dedicated professionals at all types of firms, so keep your mind open and find one who seems dedicated to your success. Most of my clients are in San Antonio, so look me up on LinkedIn and check me out through people we know in common.