I like working with smart people...

...so my work isn't limited to those who already have large account balances. I'll take smart, ambitious and yet-to-be wealthy any time. If that sounds like you, you've found a place where your issues matter.

Starting with someone new can be daunting, but it's worth the effort to find a good fit. Here's a good place to start. If you see someting you like in this list of my principles, maybe we should talk:

Flexible is smarter than rigid. Locking yourself into a plan might be called “disciplined,” but it can limit your options. If your plan has stretch, you may dodge trouble and jump at opportunity.

Pushy isn't necessary. Big, expensive change isn't usually needed. Rational course corrections are more often the right moves. Smart and strategic beats fast and flashy.

There is a right size for risk. Accept some, manage some, insure against some. We assess risk with data, but the best potential outcome is a mix of the stats and what feels right to you. Balance is cost-effective, too.

A mile is a mile, no matter the size of your steps. Small steps add up, and time works in your favor. In fact, small actions repeated regularly can be more effective than big leaps. Match the tools to the reality of the journey, and the finish line will be in sight.

At Eby Financial, there's no charge to talk and no contract to sign, but lots of ways your money can work for you. When you're ready, I'm ready. Why not take control today?

With warmest regards,